Suppliers Association & Past Presidents

Executive Committee

Ron Gallop - President
Rob Visser - Vice President
Dan VanDyke - Executive President
Kyle Wilson
Keith Vandenbussche
Erin Gerber

Past Presidents

1953 Renard Tubergen, Corn Products Sales Company
1954 Ed Van Wingen, Packaging Corporation of America
1955 Victor A. Leslie, Continental Can Company
1956 Rex G. Branch, American Can Company
1957 William J. Greer, Ball Brothers Inc.
1958 Edgar P. Daggett, E.P. Daggett & Company
1959 Gordon E. Bonfield Jr., American Box Board Company
1960 Sterling J. Groudel, Groudel Packaging Machinery
1961 T.B. Ellsworth, Oakite Products Inc.
1962 Stanley W. Zern, W.H. Edgar & Son
1963 L.H. Barnes, The Diversey Corporation
1964 A .M. McLeish, Corn Products Sales Company
1965 Rudy Wood, Packaging Corporation of America
1966 David B. Mott, Stange Company
1967 Kels Hiller, Lansing B. Warner Inc.
1968 Robert Pape Jr., Continental White Cap
1969 Robert W. Stevens, Weyerhaeuser Company
1970 David Coulter, Ferry-Morse Seed Company
1971 Wayne Hollar, Wyandotte Chemical
1972 James A. Monroe, National Can Corporation
1973 Kenneth Myers, International Paper Company
1974 John D. Scheid, Chisholm Ryder Company
1975 John Hottinger, Lansing B. Warner Inc.
1976 Joe Lucas, Continental White Cap
1977 Tony Suarez, American Can Company
1978 David Jensen, Hull Lift Truck
1979 James S. Wardlaw, Continental Can Company
1980 William Land, Liquid Carbonic Corporation
1981 Rena Shanaman, Glass Containers Corporation
1982 Thomas G. Wieclaw, Foster Forbes Glass Company
1983 Lee R. Schultz, Continental White Cap
1984 William Crawford, Brockway Glass Containers
1985 Chuck Thompson, C.T. Thompson Corp.
1986-1987 John McClintock, Continental White Cap
1988 Kenneth Teusink, American National Can
1989 Martin E. Binder, Continental White Cap
1990 Loyd Thrapp, Anchor Hocking Packaging Co.
1991 Kurt Lowdermilk, KDL Sales Co.
1992 Robert Zoodsma, E & V Incorporated
1993 Jack Harmon, Atlas Pacific Engineering Co.
1994 Tony Suarez, CCA of Indiana
1995 Loyd Thrapp, Anchor Hocking Packaging Co.
1996 Jack Spanhak, Diversey Corp.
1997 Walter Schaefer, Ball-Foster Glass Container Co., L.L.C.
1998-2000 John Trumpler, IPL Products, Ltd.
2001-2002 Tim Childs, Multi-Tech Systems
2003-2004 Doug Kool, Pratt Industries
2005 Doug Kool, Pratt Industries
2006-2008 Jim Skinner, Anderson Chemical
2009-2010 Mike Winchester, Sali Group LLC
2011- Don Warnke, Can Corp.
2012 Tom Watson, Packaging Corp
2013-2014 Dan VanDyke, ADM
2015-2016 Ron Gallop, Atlas Pacific Engineering Company, Inc.